Marina FAQ

What hours/days are you open?

We are open 7 days a week from 9am-8pm from May 15th to September 15th.

Do you have food and drinks for sale?

Yes. We have a full concession stand available from 10am-7pm every day!

Where are the restroom facilities? 

Bathroom facilities are located above the marina parking lot. (Google map) There is a paved pathway near the dumpsters to the bathroom facilities. A port-a-john is also located in the parking lot for marina staff and patrons who do not wish to walk up the hill or drive around the one-way to the restroom facilities.

Tygart Lake Marina Map

Do you offer towing services? 

No, we do not have sufficient staff to offer towing services. Tygart Lake is a friendly community of boaters so many boaters will offer you a tow if you alert them. If you are on a pontoon or fishing boat rental please call the marina if you are experiencing mechanical problems. 304-265-3974

Do you have a swimming area?

Tygart Lake State Park has a swimming/beach area located at the new Tygart Adventures Inflatable Water Park at Tygart Lake.  A lesser rate is available for individuals only wanting to sunbathe/swim and not use the inflatables. Please contact Tygart Adventures for more information.

Swimming from the shore at Tygart Lake is NOT permitted. Please do NOT swim or fish around the docks. The marina docks are not safe to swim near.

Why does the water level fluctuate?

The Tygart Dam was built for flood control. Tygart Lake Marina does not control the water level. Typically the water level starts to drop between August - September. Many visitors in the fall and winter enjoy exploring the drained coves of the lake during the very low water levels.


Marina / Docks FAQ


Do you have overnight docks or buoys for rent?

Yes.  $20 per night, offered up first come first serve, in-person, at the marina.

Can I use someone else’s dock slip if they are not using it for the year?


When can I bring my boat to the dock? When must I remove my boat? 

You can bring your boat on or after May 15th. Boats are to be removed by September 15th as removal of the docks begins May 16th.

Who do I contact for storage even after the marina closes?

You can contact the office at 304-265-0188 to arrange storage if the marina is closed.

How do I need to label my boat for storage?

Label with name and contact information.  Staff will help with the storage process.

Do you have anyone who works on boats?