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Marina FAQ

What hours/days are you open?

We are open 7 days a week from 9am-8pm from May 15th to September 15th.

Do you have food and drinks for sale?

Yes. We have a full concession stand available from 10am-7pm every day!

Where are the restroom facilities? 

Bathroom facilities are located above the marina parking lot. There is a paved pathway near the dumpsters to the bathroom facilities. A port-a-john is also located in the parking lot for marina staff and patrons who do not wish to walk up the hill or drive around the one-way to the restroom facilities.

Do you offer towing services? 

No, we do not have sufficient staff to offer towing services. Tygart Lake is a friendly community of boaters so many boaters will offer you a tow if you alert them. If you are on a pontoon or fishing boat rental please call the marina if you are experiencing mechanical problems. 304-265-3974

Do you have a swimming area?

Tygart Lake State Park has a swimming/beach area which is swim at your own risk. However, the swimming area is NOT located at the marina. Swimming from the shore in NOT permitted per state park rules. Please do NOT swim or fish around the docks. The marina docks are not safe to swim near. Pull-behind tubs should be pulled in prior to visiting the marina for the safety of all marina visitors.

Why does the water level fluctuate?

The Tygart Dam was built for flood control. Tygart Lake Marina does not control the water level. Typically the water level starts to drop between August - September. Many visitors in the fall and winter enjoy exploring the drained coves of the lake during the very low water levels.


Do I have to have a boater’s license to drive the boat?

Yes.  You need education if you were born on or after Dec. 31, 1986, and will be operating a motorboat or PWC in West Virginia. Tygart Lake Marina is a licensed outfitter and can conduct a boating safety orientation and issue you a single day use certificate.  Having a boater’s license is highly recommended and can be obtained online  for free at 

What are the hours for rent?


How far in advance should I call to reserve a boat?

3-4 weeks ahead of time for week-day rentals

6-8 weeks ahead of time for weekend rentals; holiday weekends book up much farther in advance

Do you offer multiple day rentals?

Yes. However, the boats must be returned each day & picked up the next morning.

How many people can a pontoon boat hold?

10 people

Do the pontoon rental boats have a roof?

Yes, but it only covers the back half of the boat.

How many people can the fishing boats hold?

2 people

Do you rent fishing equipment?

No. We do sell night crawlers, but we do not have any other gear.

Do you rent pull-behind tubes? 

No. We do not rent pull-behind tubes. Patrons may bring their own pull-behind tubes and rope. Our employees will properly secure pull-behind equipment for you. We ask that pull-behind tubes are pulled in when in the marina area and children/adults are no occupying the pull-behind tubes while at/near the marina for safety reasons.


Rules of the boat:

  • ALL children under the age of 12 are always REQUIRED BY LAW to wear their life jackets!
  • Life jackets are provided, or you may bring your own.
  • No pets or grills allowed.
  • Do not drive the boat to shore due to damaging the boat.

Where can I go pick other passengers up?

You may come back to the marina courtesy dock, the launch area or a dock at the base of the lodge. You may not take the boat to shore to pick someone up.

How long to I have to cancel my reservation? 

Any cancellations MUST be made at least 48-hours in advance. If you are a no-show / no-call your card will be charged! Please be courteous and give us a call as soon as you realize you are not going to be able to make it.

What if I'm running late? 

Please call and let us know if you will be arriving late.

Do I get my deposit back when renting boats/equipment?

Yes, if there aren’t signs of damage.

Are there any additional fees other than the deposit?

$100 clean up fee will be charged if staff must clean or remove trash from the boat upon return. Also, if the anchor is lost a $150 replacement fee will be charged. Gas is not included in the rental, the boat is full of gas when you go out and is then filled when you return, therefore you are only charged for the gas you actually used.


Marina / Docks FAQ


Do you have overnight docks or buoys for rent?

Yes.  $20 per night, offered up first come first serve, in-person, at the marina.

Can I use someone else’s dock slip if they are not using it for the year?



When can I bring my boat to the dock? When must I remove my boat? 

You can bring your boat on or after May 15th. Boats are to be removed by September 15th as removal of the docks begins May 16th.

How do I get on the waiting list for a dock slip for the upcoming year?

Call (304) 265-0188 after January 2nd of the upcoming season. Wait-list is ripped up at the start of each season and a new one begins January 2nd or next business day of the new year. If your name is reached on the waitlist you will be contacted in April or May.

Does Tygart Lake Marina LLC put private docks in?


Do you have winter storage for my boat?

Yes, storage rates are $3 per foot per month. Pricing is subject to change so please call the marina 304-265-3974 or office for availability and pricing. Cleaning and winterizing is also available, upon request.

Who do I contact for storage even after the marina closes?

You can contact the office at 304-265-0188 to arrange storage if the marina is closed.

How do I need to label my boat for storage?

Label with name and contact information.  Staff will help with the storage process.

Do you have anyone who works on boats?

No. The only service work we provide is winterizing boats at the owner’s request prior to putting them in storage but otherwise,we do not work on boats.



Public Cruise FAQ

Are alcoholic drinks permitted during a public cruise?

No alcoholic drinks are not permitted during our public cruise events.

Is food permitted on the cruise boat?

Food is permitted on the lower deck dining area during non-catered cruises. The Marina offers a variety of hot food options that can be purchased to take on the boat.

Do I have to purchase a ticket for a child under age 5?

Yes! You must purchase a ticket even though the cost is $0. All individuals must have a ticket to ensure we stay under the boat’s maximum capacity.

What if I can't print my tickets?

You can also display your ticket bar codes on your phone to be scanned during boarding. Just click the Print Tickets button in your confirmation email on your phone and the bar codes will pop-up. If you do not have a smartphone you can also bring your Order Number. Your order number can be found listed at the top of your order confirmation email.

When does the boat begin boarding?

The cruise boat starts boarding 45 minutes in advance of cruise departure time.

What time must I arrive?

Please be sure to arrive at least 45 minutes prior to cruise time. This will ensue you are able to secure parking and get down to the marina dock before the cruise sets sail.

Where can I park?

Parking is available along the one way at the Tygart Lake Marina. If parking fills up along the one-way you should park at the upper lot above the large Marina sign. When the Marina parking is full a golf cart shuttle or shuttle van will make rounds to pick guests up.

Will the cruise boat wait on me if I am running late?

No, the cruise boat has a strict cruise schedule for both public and private cruises.

What happens if I miss the cruise boat?

Tickets are non-refundable. You may redeem your tickets during another similar cruise if seating is available. Re-schedules must be scheduled in advance by contacting the Cruise Line at 304-672-7701.

Private Cruise FAQ

What  is the private party rental rate?

$20 per person, minimum of 30 paying adults. Children under 5 are free. A $200 deposit is required to secure your date/time slot and must be received at least 2 weeks prior to your cruise. Deposit is returned to private party contact person 1-2 weeks following your cruise.

Do you have to have a private party?

No! We offer many Public Cruises during the season including Historic Cruises, Scenic Cruises, Dinner Cruises, Murder Mystery Cruises and Pirate Cruises.

Are life jackets provided?

Yes. We have life jackets aboard for all passengers. Children ages 12 and under are required to wear a life jacket. You may bring their own or we will provide a jacket for them at the marina.

How many people can the cruise boat hold?

125 passengers total including our employees. You may bring aboard 120 guests including yourself. Upper deck capacity is limited to 50 passengers at a time.

What are my non-alcoholic & alcoholic beverage options?

You may bring alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages aboard a private charter and provide them for your guests.


Can I bring food aboard?

Yes! You may bring your own dishes weather they be carry-out, pot-luck or provided by a local caterer. We have a list of caterers who are familiar with the Princess cruise boat. It is your responsibility to secure a caterer for your private cruise should you desire to.

Can I have my wedding and reception aboard the cruise boat?

Yes! Great for smaller weddings, use the upper deck for your ceremony while using the West Virginia hills, lake, and other scenery as a back drop! Tygart Lake Cruises is also ideal for small receptions, bridal showers, or rehearsal dinners. You’ll see that we can provide a calming and serene space for your big day!

What Audio/Video Equipment is available?

The sound system will accommodate IPODS/MP3 players and phones. You may also use the CD player, and wireless microphone. Speakers are located on both the upper and lower decks.

Is the cruise boat climate controlled?

The lower deck of the boat is enclosed, and the cabin may be heated or cooled upon request. The upper deck is open to the elements and is not enclosed.

What happens if it rains?

All cruises sail rain or shine. In the event of severe weather conditions that the captain deems too severe to sail, the charterer has the option of holding the function aboard the boat by remaining at port or rescheduling the cruise. Should neither option be feasible or other party time scheduled, we will refund 100% of your deposit.

Is the boat safe?

Yes! The boat is United States Coast Guard inspected, operated by licensed Captains, and staffed by an experienced crew.

What time slots are available for Private Charters ?

We offer three different time slots: 10am-12pm, 11-1pm, 2-4pm, or 5-7pm.

Are there after dark cruises?

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer after dark or overnight cruises due to the safety of our passengers exiting the boat as well as safely docking the vessel back at port.

Set sail with Tygart Lake Cruises and cruise Tygart Lake during your visit to Grafton, WV. Our cruise planner is ready to help you design the perfect addition to your itinerary.


  • We make it easy for your group to visit Tygart Lake by offering shuttle services to and from the boat, snacks, and restrooms available aboard.
  • The lower deck is handicap accessible and easily navigable for those who have mobility issues. The upper deck is only accessible by 2 sets of stairs.
  • Maximum Guest Count 120 / Available May 15th through September 15th only!
  • Open seating available throughout the boat.

Disclaimer: All cruises are subject to mechanical and weather conditions.

Contact us to begin planning your group’s visit by calling 304-672-7701